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Local Spotlight: Living in La Paz, Mexico

la paz mexico retirement communityLocated on the eastern side of Baja California Sur (and serving as the capital city of the state), La Paz is an expat community nestled up next to the Gulf of California. This moderately large city of about 250,000 inhabitants is the largest in the state and is surrounded by some other relatively populous cities as well, giving it a bustling metropolitan zone that makes it excellent for tourists and expats alike.

Climate and Culture

The weather in La Paz is mostly dry and warm with temperatures ranging between lows in the 50s and highs in the 80s most of the year. In the summer months, the highs peak in the high-90s. On average, the city sees 300 days of sunshine a year! This makes it a great place to get out on the beaches and soak up some rays.

Beach lovers will be taken aback by the breathtaking beauty of La Paz’s shores. Visiting places like the Bahia de Loreto Maritime National Park and the Sea of Cortez will give nature lovers the chance to get up close to some of the marine life and the gorgeous beaches. Swimming tours, snorkeling, water sports, and sailing are all common past times, so active visitors will be able to stay busy.

The city also has a rich cultural center with plenty of museums and landmarks as well as art displays and music festivals. The Dove of Peace Monument is a favorite among tourists. Since the city attracts a lot of visitors, there are plenty of restaurants to suit every taste from sushi to BBQ to Mediterranean cuisine.

Other amenities that cater to tourists include gorgeous golf courses and luxurious spas. La Paz is definitely a city where you can relax, unwind, and forget about life’s worries for a while.

Living in La Paz

If you decide that forgetting about life’s worries is going to take a little longer than a quick vacation, you could always decide to make La Paz your home. A number of expats live in the city, which has become especially popular for retirees from both the United States and Canada. La Paz boasts affordable housing, and many options include great views of the beach. La Paz also features some excellent hospitals and doctors at an affordable price, which gives expats peace of mind knowing they’ll be able to get quality healthcare when they need it.

Grocery shopping, on the other hand, is a little pricier in La Paz. Because the city is situated so far south on a deep peninsula, it functions a little like an island when it comes to accessing goods. That means that many of the food options are imported, driving up prices. Going to the local markets can help residents stick within budget, but they’re more time consuming than visiting one of the bigger superstores.

Expats living in La Paz also enjoy the sense of having the best of both worlds. While La Paz is known for being more laid back and relaxed, it’s an easy day trip away from Cabo San Lucas with a bustling nightlife and lots of shopping opportunities. Residents of La Paz can have the peace and tranquility for everyday living but dip their toes into the wilder bar and dance scene when it suits them.

Travis Luther is a Denver, Colorado writer and educator. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Metropolitan State University of Denver and currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Colorado Denver, where he received his Master’s Degree in Sociology. Luther first became interested in Baby Boomers retiring in Mexico during graduate school. His Masters Thesis research contributed to the content in this book. He continues to be interested in U.S. expatriates retiring all over the world and continues to monitor those who have retired in Mexico.

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Mexico Photo by Filip Gielda on Unsplash

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